Public Education and Child Welfare

Public education is under attack in Kentucky. Our public schools are being starved for funding, while teachers and other school staff are being threatened with further cuts and then accused of failing children. I will fight to make sure our schools have the funding they need to educate our children.

I support and will work for universal pre-K in Kentucky. Parents should be able to work or study without the crushing costs of childcare, while every child in Kentucky is prepared for Kindergarten.

I will fight to make sure our state fulfills its contractual obligations to its workers. It is the right thing to do. I will seek new forms of revenue as necessary to meet our state’s obligations to our workers and our children.

Labor and Wages

I stand with workers, and I will work to protect organized labor by repealing so-called “right-to-work” law and re-establishing the prevailing wage. I will fight against policies that have undermined unions and chipped away at workers’ rights.

All workers in Kentucky deserve a living wage. Paid family and sick leave for all is the right thing to do. All public employees deserve to have their contracts honored by their employer, now and in the future.


I support universal healthcare coverage. I will fight to protect the Affordable Care Act, and the Medicaid expansion that has provided needed healthcare for 400,000 Kentuckians.

I will work to legalize medical marijuana, which has been proven to help people suffering from chronic pain. Medical marijuana would also provide relief in the form of taxes to support schools, healthcare and treatment options to ease our state’s opioid epidemic.


Our system of government requires checks and balances. Our elected leaders are attacking judges and the independence of the judiciary for their own private agendas. The courts are being starved of the funding needed to improve the justice system, while the same leaders find money for disastrous private prisons.

Public Integrity

All people deserve to be treated equally under the law. I will fight for a statewide fairness law, public financing of elections and full transparency of government. Our legislative supermajority doesn’t even pretend to be working for the majority of Kentuckians. I will work with my fellow legislators to improve the transparency and integrity of our legislature, for the good of the people of Kentucky.

Our Republican General Assembly is intent on attacking the dignity of workers with cruel policies that benefit their friends. We must vote them out and replace them with legislators who will fight for the rights of all people, not just rich ones.

Kentuckians deserve to be able to trust that our government works for all of us. Our legislature has been chipping away at the rights of individuals and is currently attacking our state employees for demanding their contracts be honored. Attorney General Andy Beshear has informed these state lawmakers that their attempts to rewrite state employee contracts are illegal, and that he will file suit on behalf of state workers.

Your state lawmakers are intent on passing illegal laws and have no interest in evidence-based policy making. The supermajority in the General Assembly continues to attack individual rights under our Constitution in the name of fiscal responsibility.

Those who craft public policy should strive to create a healthy, educated and secure society for all. Where Kentuckians are healthy and educated, economic prosperity will follow.

Please help me support Kentuckians and our public institutions. Vote for Ashley May Nash on May 22, 2018!