I am smart, I am caring, and my education has prepared me for a role in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

My parents, Jerrell and Dona May, did not have an easy time raising me. I questioned them constantly. I wasn’t easy on my teachers either. My teachers and parents never gave up on me, and my education prepared me for college and law school. I’m proud to say I’m a graduate of public schools, which are some of our greatest institutions of democracy.

I grew interested in government when I worked as a reporter for the Northern Virginia Daily newspaper. I covered courts, schools, local government meetings, and I loved the work, which also prepared me to approach large meetings full of men who were not glad to see me. I also met my fellow reporter and husband, Richard Nash. We’ve been married since 2004, and we have two beautiful, challenging public school children.

After law school, I worked as an Assistant County Attorney for the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District, prosecuting the district’s backlog of violations. This was another eye-opening look at government, from the inside. I entered many more rooms where I was not welcomed.

Since our children were born, I’ve continued to practice law as much as possible, and of course, I’ve kept up with public policy and politics. Recently, I’ve been visiting the capitol with my kids to advocate for their teachers and for public education.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to represent the people of Kentucky from inside the capitol.